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1998) After the establishment of stable retrograde perfusion, the preparation can be switched to a working heart preparation by introducing a return cannula through the pulmonary vein and advanced into the opening of the left atrium (LA) (Grupp et al. 2002). A pressure transducer is then connected to a side port of this cannula for recording left atria pressures. At this time flow is switched from retrograde perfusion to antegrade, beginning the work-performing mode of this preparation, and ending the Langendorff component.

Ligamentum vesicae medianum 13. ligamentum vesicae laterale dextrum, 13′. ligamentum vesicae laterale sinistrum 14. and 14′. ureter dexter et sinister 15. mesovarium 16. mesometrium 17. arteria et vena ovarica sinistra 18. ramus uterinus arteriae et venae uterinus sinistrae 19. ramus ovaricus arteriae et venae ovaricae sinistrae Fig. , lymphonodi). 1. ln. parotideus 2. ln. mandibularis 3. lnn. cervicales profundi 4. lnn. cervicales superficiales 5. ln. axillaris proprius 6. ln. axillaris accessorius 7.

Pars cervicalis esophagei 3. pars thoracica esophagei 4. pars abdominalis esophagei et lymphonodi gastrici 5. pars cardiaca ventriculi (saccus cecus, forestomach) 6. pars fundica et pylorica ventriculi (glandular stomach) 7. pars descendens duodeni 8. pars ascendens duodeni et pancreas 9. jejunum 10. lymphonodus pancreaticuduodenalis 11. lymphonodus jejunalis 12. ileum 13. corpus ceci 14. apex ceci 15. ampulla coli 16. colon ascendens 17. colon transversum 18. colon descendens 19. rectum 20. lymphonodi colici 21.

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