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By A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

Some time past, in an age we all know approximately simply from the epics of historical India, the good sage Kapila made His visual appeal on earth-from the womb of the saintly Devahuti. while her husband left domestic to hunt non secular perfection within the woodland, Devahuti implored her divine son Kapila to guide her to enlightenment. Lord Kapila then confirmed her the best way of Sankhya-the analytical pathway to the next realizing of the area, the self, and the last word resource of every little thing. right here the world's so much uncommon instructor of Vedic philosophy and faith indicates us simply how suitable Lord Kapila's historic teachings are to us at the present time. throughout the means of Sankhya, as defined during this booklet, we find out about the traits of the non secular grasp, the technology of meditation, the psychology of realization, the indications of the self-realized individual, the key of transcendental wisdom, and the attainment of preferrred liberation.

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It is essential that we disassociate ourselves from this tree by detachment. Cutting down this tree is very difficult, but it is possible with the weapon of detachment. " That type of intelligence is required. In America we see many old men on the beach who have retired from their business to waste their time trying to catch fish. They are not very cautious, and they touch the water. However, we have to live in this material world in such a way that we do everything for Krsna but do not touch the water of the material world.

Here the word adya means "the origin of all living entities," and pumsam isvarah means "the Lord (isvara) of the living entities" (isvarah paramah krsnah). Kapila Muni is the direct expansion of Krsna, who is the sun of spiritual knowledge. The sun dissipates the darkness of the universe, and when the light of the Supreme Personality of Godhead comes down, it at once similarly dissipates the darkness of maya. We have our eyes, but without the light of the sun, our eyes are of no value. Similarly, without the light of the Supreme Lord, or without the divine grace of the spiritual master, one cannot see things as they are.

This is the real purpose for approaching a guru. Devahuti approached Lord Kapiladeva in the same way. " Thus one who feels the need to cross the dark ocean of nescience, which is material existence, requires a guru. It is not the guru's task to supply gold and medicine. Now it has become a fashion to keep a guru as if he were a dog or a cat. This is of no use. We must inquire about that portion of God's creation which is beyond this darkness. The Upanisads and Bhagavad-gita describe another world, beyond this material nature.

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