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By Howard M. Shapiro

From the stories of the third Edition...

"The normal reference for somebody attracted to realizing circulate cytometry technology."
American magazine of medical Oncology

" of the main useful of its style and...addressed to a large audience?written in such an enticing manner, being either informative and stimulating."
Trends in telephone Biology

This reference explains the technology and discusses the great biomedical purposes of quantitative analytical cytology utilizing laser-activated detection and telephone sorting. Now in its fourth version, this article has been elevated to supply complete insurance of the wide spectrum of functions in molecular biology and biotechnology this present day. New to this version are chapters on automatic research of array applied sciences, repayment, high-speed sorting, reporter molecules, and multiplex and apoptosis assays, besides absolutely up to date and revised references and a listing of suppliers.Content:

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I appreciate the grant support received from NIH through the National Center for Research Resources and the Preface to the Fourth Edition / xxxvii National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases during part of the time I was working on this edition. At one time or another, I have consulted and/or done research for almost all of the companies in the cytometry business, and I still have financial relationships with some of them. , Philippe Goix, Peggy Goodell, Jan Gratama, Steve Graves, Jan Grawk, Jan Greve, Kate Griffiths, Emanuel Gustin, Rob Habbersett, Martin Hadam, Brian Hall, Maris Handley, Peter Hansen, Kristi Harkins, Dick Haugland, Bob Hawley, David Hedley, Don Herbert, Ray Hester, Ray Hicks, Elizabeth Hill, Jim Ho, Phil Hodgkin, Ron Hoebe, Tom Huard, Ruud Hulspas, Bill Hyun, Sujata Iyer, Jake Jacobberger, Charlotte Nexmann Jacobsen, Molly James, Janine Jason, Bob Johnson, Eric Johnson, Iain Johnson, Peter Tibor Jung, Jon Kagan, Mike Kagan, Lou Kamentsky, David Kaplan, Arieh Karger, Ken Kaufmann, Mike Keeney, Douglas Kell, Kathi Kellar, Oliver Kenyon, Young-Ran Kim, Louis King, Laurie Kittl, Adriaan Klinkenberg, Rich Konz, Stan Korsmeyer, Jennifer Kramer, Petra Krauledat, Michael Kuhn, Lily Lai, Alan Landay, Joanne Lannigan, Ray Lannigan, Gretchen Lawler, Jim Leary, Alain Le HCrissC, Bob Leif, Rodica Lenkei, Dorothy Lewis, Charles Lin, Swee Kim Lin, Daniela Livnat, Peter Lopez, Mark Lowdell, Ed Luther, George Malachowski, Valeri Maltsev, Eric Martz, Tom McCloskey, Phil McCoy, John McCullough, Perran McDaniel, David McFarland, Pat McGrath, John McInerney, Rita McManamon, Jim McSharry, Norbert Meidenbauer, Mike Melamed, Michael Melnick, Steve Mentzer, Steve Merlin, Sue Merrill, BCla Molnk, Dick Montali, Simon Monard, Jonni Moore, Jane Morris, Matt Morrow, Don Mosier, Kathy Muirhead, Rick Mumma, Mark Munson, Bob Murphy, Rick Myers, Thomas Nebe, Gerhard Nebe-von-Caron, Jan Nicholson, Garry Nolan, John Nolan, Robert Nordon, Randy Offord, Mo O’Gorman, Betsy Ohlsson-Wilhelm, Mark Olsen, Geoff Osborne, Volker Ost, Gunnar Ostgaard, Matt Ottenberg, Roy Overton, Erlina Pali, Glenn Paradis, Florentin Paris, Allen Parmelee, Omar Perez, Steve Perfetto, Jim Phillips, Gene Pizzo, Susan Plaeger, Rebecca Poon, Danilo Porro, Fred Preffer, Jeff Price, Calman Prussin, Steve Quake, Peter Rabinovitch, Andy Rawstron, Marcus Reckermann, Diether Recktenwald, Willem Rens, Bruce Rideout, Richard Riese, Art Roberts, Paul Robinson, Bill Rodriguez, Oystein Ronning, Tony Rossini, Dan Rosson, Eli Sahar, Misha Salganik, Yael Schiffenbauer, Ingrid Schmid, Jorn Schmitz, Dan Schrag, Tom Schulte, Luca Scorrano, Jeff Scott, Kirill Sergueev, Janine Sharpe, John Sharpe, Chris Sieracki, Karel Sigler, Liz Simons, Stephanie Sincock, Vicki Singer, Larry Sklar, Brad Smith, Dan Smith, Paul Smith, Randy Smith, Kit Snow, Lydia Sohn, Ulrik Sprogoe-Jakobsen, Friedrich Srienc, Edward Srour, Alan Stall, Harald Steen, Dana Stein, Henrik Stender, Maryalice Stetler-Stevenson, Carl Stewart, Sigi Stewart, Lisa Stoiano-Coico, Willem Stokdijk, Pete Stopa, Rob Sutherland, Akos Szilvasi, Janos Szollosi, Shuichi Takayama, Karen Tamul, Attila Tarnok, Michael Taubert, Majid Tebianian, Bill Telford, Leon Terstappen, Wayne Thibaudeau, Rick Thomas, Arjan Tibbe, Frank Traganos, Barb Trask, Joe Trotter, Edward Tufte, Joerg Ueckert, Marc Unger, Lari V&%alo, Fred Valentine, Dirk van Bockstaele, Ger van den Engh, Lucia Vasconcellos, Duncan Veal, Marco Vecoli, Ben Venver, Graham Vesey, Josep Vives-Rego, Sharon Vogt, Joe Voland, John Voorn, Alan Waggoner, Mette Walberg, Andy Watson, Jim Watson (the flow one), Jim Weaver (FDA), Jim Weaver (MIT), Andrew Wells, Leon Wheeless, Reed Wicander, Imogen Wilding, Jerry Wilson, Dane Wittrup, Gajus Worthington, Sonja Wulff, Gulderen Yanikkaya-Demirel, Hopi Yip, Ted Young, Stephen Yue, Dave Zelmanovic, Qing Zeng, Yu-Zhong Zhang, Bob Zucker, and Naomi Zurgil.

I disagreed. The real Bible, or at least the first five books of it, has been dutihlly and faithfully copied by scribes onto parchment scrolls, which are at least as archaic as 8-inch floppy discs, for thousands of years, and continues to present a picture of its time; there are numerous external sources, on paper and in electronic media, to provide translation and commentary, much of it aimed at bringing ancient messages up to date. And, moving from the sublime way over in the direction of the ridiculous, even a book like this one is useful in that it, too, presents a picture of its time; a compilation of the same information on a Web site, frequently updated, will lose historical perspective.

In 1988, there weren’t more than a few dozen papers dealing with three-color immunofluorescence; in 1994, fourcolor immunofluorescence is becoming commonplace. We have to think carefully in order to design experiments which don’t involve hundreds of tubes; multiplex labeling, as described on pp. 293-5, may be a practical solution to some problems of this sort. Quantitative immunofluorescence measurements (pp. 28-9 and 302-6), which really weren’t practical in 1988, are now. This will make it easier to standardize measurements made in large numbers of laboratories, and to analyze cellular processes which are characterized by quantitative, rather than qualitative, changes in antigen expression.

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