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By Halil Bárcena

Mevlânâ Rûmî (1207, Balj, Afganistán -1273, Konya, Turquía) constituye una de las cimas de los angeles espiritualidad common. Inspirador de l. a. escuela sufí de los derviches giróvagos, conocidos por su danza round, Rûmî es autor de una vasta obra poética en lengua persa que deriva del gozo de l. a. experiencia unitiva con Dios.

Las perlas sufíes que Halil Bárcena recoge en el presente volumen, en traducción directa del persa, constituyen una especie de antología del saber y el sabor del maestro sufí. Reflejan los aspectos cardinales de su filosofía espiritual, cuyo empeño es mostrar al ser humano el camino de retorno a su identidad perdida y olvidada: el Centro del cual todo emana y nada se aparta. Cada una de estas perlas se presenta acompañada de un comentario que solo pretende acercarnos al pensamiento de Rûmî e invitarnos a realizar nuestra propia lectura meditativa.

Esta edición incluye veinte caligrafías que recrean, con un estilo inspirado en l. a. tradición caligráfica otomana, palabras clave y fórmulas iniciáticas, tanto en árabe como en turco y persa, que nos introducen sutilmente el universo espiritual de Rûmî.

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He pointed out that such conjunctions occurred in Aries only every 800 years and had special implications for empire, because one foreshadowed the beginning of the Roman Empire and the birth of Christ and the next the transfer of the empire to Charlemagne. This must be the final conjunction ushering in the Apocalypse, because, according to another ancient prophecy, the world could not endure more than 6,000 years. Leowitz well knew that the Habsburgs attributed particular significance to the zodiacal sign of Aries the Ram, for God created the world with the Sun in Aries.

1. 2 For the various definitions in this Introduction we have relied on the current OED online version. 3 The Book of Common Prayer: The Texts of 1549, 1559 and 1662, ed. Brian Cummings (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011), p. 74. 4 Another meaning of ‘secular’ in the early modern period, now obsolete, was ‘of or belonging to the “common” or “unlearned” people’; OED online. It could also be used in the sense of rarely occurring events, ‘of or belonging to an age or long period’; hence the conclusion of ‘Gloria Patri’ doxology in Latin – ‘et in saecula saeculorum’.

He was thus an executive arm of God, rather than an opposite and evil rival, and was authorized to cause suffering because of the power of free will granted to humanity by God. 3 This far from comforting assurance was a reminder that God had agencies for punishing his people. Paradoxically, the demonic is antithetical to God, yet is still within the overall scheme of the divine. Early modern belief in an afterlife made the fate of the immortal soul of central concern. Ultimately, the Devil was a source of fear because he embodied the individual’s own threat to their immortal soul, the wrong choice that was always an option.

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