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By Swami Sivananda

. 1996 third ed, 135pp

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Paul the Mystic: A Study in Apostolic Experience

From the preface
In the Lives of Paul that have seemed, scant justice has been performed to the paranormal point in his non secular event and in his instructing. And but not anything is extra attribute of Paul than his mysticism.
. ..
He was once the type of guy who couldn't be content material to live at the outdoors of faith, yet sought to arrive that that is furthest within.

I. Introductory
II. a spiritual Mystic
III. A Christian Mystic
IV. An Evangelical Mystic
V. A Rational Mystic
VI. a realistic Mystic
VII. How Paul Nourished the paranormal Life
VIII. The Message of Paul the Mystic to the Church of this day

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Hiranyan, his second son, hastened to the help of his father, backed by a mighty host under his command. To offset this, Veerabahu now brought his forces to this spot of the field. The day’s business then began in grim earnest. At first the Devas suffered heavy casualties. But there was no resisting the terrific sallies of the mighty Veerabahu, who slowly but steadily pushed Hiranyan and his forces back. Hiranyan now perceived that the days of the glory of the Asura dynasty had been numbered. Desirous of preserving himself to do the funeral rites of his family members and, if 17 SKANDA VIJAYAM possible, to try and rehabilitate the lost fortunes of his people, Hiranyan disappeared from the field and lived in concealment, far away from Mahendrapuri.

Not only does he liberate the Jiva, but also (by marrying) unites the Jiva with Himself. The Wedding of Valli In the dark forest of the mountain, Valli frowns in the midst of the cruel hunters, her relations, and spends her time in throwing stones to drive away birds which peck the grains in the fields. But her mind was always in love with Lord Murugan. In right time, Murugan comes in different guise, tests her, frightens her with the elephant through the help of Vinayaka and in the end reveals His real form, and takes her away to marry.

Finding himself no match for the latter, Agnimukha prayed to his Ishta Devi, Bhadra Kali for assistance. At his prayer Sri Devi came and in a fury rushed forth and worked havoc on the army of the Devas. But on approaching Veerabahu Devar, she smiled graciously on him, wished him success and disappeared! This sobered Agnimukha and, marshalling all his strength, he resumed his fight and struggled desperately against Veerabahu Devar, but soon lost his life. On the death of Agnimukha, the other sons of Surapadma took command of the situation but fell very early an easy prey to the irresistible Veerabahu.

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