Nuclear Physics

Download Asymptotic Wave Theory by MAURICE ROSEAU (Eds.) PDF

By MAURICE ROSEAU (Eds.) Show description [...]

Download Radiation: What It Is, What You Need to Know by Eric Lax, Robert Peter Gale PDF

By Eric Lax, Robert Peter Gale The basic consultant to radiation: the nice, the undesirable, and the definitely interesting, [...]

Download Local Quantum Physics by R. Haag PDF

By R. Haag Show description [...]

Download Nuclear Physics (Graduate Texts in Physics) by Anwar Kamal PDF

By Anwar Kamal This textbook explains the experimental fundamentals, results and thought of nuclear physics. It helps [...]

Download Storming the Fortress of Fusion by G. S. Voronov PDF

By G. S. Voronov Show description [...]

Download Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Part B Structure and Mechanism by Norman J. Oppenheimer, Thomas L. James PDF

By Norman J. Oppenheimer, Thomas L. James This quantity, as does quantity 176, offers a basic heritage of recent NMR [...]

Download Radiopharmaceuticals and Other Compounds Labelled with by Michael J. Welch PDF

By Michael J. Welch Show description [...]

Download Fundamentals of Ionized Gases: Basic Topics in Plasma by Boris M. Smirnov PDF

By Boris M. Smirnov A entire and quite simply available paintings for learning the physics of ionized gases, according to [...]

Download Quarks and leptons : proceedings of the Fourth South African by Christian A. Engelbrecht PDF

By Christian A. Engelbrecht Show description [...]

Download Strangeness and Charge Symmetry Violation in Nucleon by Phiala Elisabeth Shanahan PDF

By Phiala Elisabeth Shanahan This thesis discusses key themes: strangeness and cost symmetry violation (CSV) within the [...]