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By Qing Zhang, W. I. Milne

A number of units at nanometer/molecular scale for digital, photonic, optoelectronic, organic, and mechanical purposes were created during the speedy improvement of fabrics and fabrication expertise. extra improvement of nanodevices strongly depends upon the cutting-edge wisdom of technological know-how and expertise on the sub-100 nm scale. This ebook offers and highlights many of the key advances on, yet no longer constrained to, digital and optoelectronic units of nanometer/molecular scale, nanomechanics and nanoelectromechanical platforms, electromechanical coupled units, manipulation and aligning tactics at nanometer/molecular scale, quantum phenomena, modeling of nanodevices and nanostructures, fabrication and estate characterization of nanodevices, and nanofabrication with concentrated beam expertise.

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Nair et al. and Alireza Kargar et al. reported mathematical formulation and simulation of SiNW FET sensors focusing on different geometry and its sensitivity [78, 79]. Similarly, Niklas Elfstrom et al. investigated the connection between sensitivity and width and thickness of the NW FET devices [14, 80]. Sensitivity is often defined as conduction ratios between initial and subsequent conduction as the NWs surface charges are altered through DNA, viruses and other molecules [5, 81, 82]. While the principle of detection lies in the changes of the conductance inside the NWs, the sensitivity differs between metallic NWs and semiconductor NWs.

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Silicon nanowire arrays for ultrasensitive label-free detection of DNA,” in TRANSDUCERS and EUROSENSORS ‘07 — 4th International Conference on Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems, Lyon, 2007, pp. 2003–2006. © 2012 by Taylor & Francis Group, LLC References [9] J. I. Hahm and C. M. Lieber, “Direct Ultrasensitive Electrical Detection of DNA and DNA Sequence Variations Using Nanowire Nanosensors,” Nano Letters, vol. 4, pp. 51–54, 2004. [10] Z. , “Sequence-Specific Label-Free DNA Sensors Based on Silicon Nanowires,” Nano Letters, vol.

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