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By J. C. Cleary

This e-book makes a speciality of the lessons of 13th-century chinese language Zen grasp Shiqui Xinyue. The koans, tales, and poems of the Zen grasp observed via explanatory notes from the editor include the majority of the textual content, that's preceded through an inadequately short old assessment of chinese language Buddhism. these looking extra finished details can be instructed towards Arthur F. Wright's Buddhism in chinese language heritage (Stanford Univ. Pr., 1971). additionally, the editor doesn't identify the categorical resource record for his translation, easily calling it a "collection of Zen teachings." even though, the 141 anecdotal teachings are in transparent, concise English and the explanatory notes aid with the paradoxical statements and allusions.

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True mind, particular mind vs. universal mind, the conditioned mind of delusion vs. the absolute mind of God, the Buddha-mind. But according to the Buddhist teaching, this dualism is only apparent, a figment of false consciousness. There is no ontological separation between the human mind and the Buddha-mind, because the Buddhamind is the ground of being for all phenomena, including the perceptual worlds of unenlightened human beings. This is what gives us the possibility of enlightenment. In practice, the aim of all Buddhist tech­ Introduction 25 niques is to reawaken humans to their real identity as buddhas, to restore their awareness of their intrinsic link to the Buddha-mind, to bridge the gulf that unenlightened people ordinarily experience between the two levels of mind.

Two thousand years ago, ten thousand miles away— it’s all here now. W herever we step is our home mountain. W hatever strikes our ears and eyes is our one true self. The hundreds and thousands and tens of thousands and hundreds of millions [of different things] are all our one intimate retinue. The many and varied teachers we have learned from are all our one enlightened teacher. From the first, there has never been any difference between China and India, between this and that. How could there be any difference between Wu and Shu [opposite ends of China], between going or coming?

The Yogacara analysis of ordinary conditioned consciousness leads directly into a description of enlightenment and an account of the attributes of buddhahood. In Yogacara terminology, the ultimate goal of Buddhist practices is the transformation of consciousness into wisdom: the transformation of the eight consciousnesses through which the unenlightened perceive the world into the four liberative wisdoms of the buddhas. It is these four wisdoms which give the buddhas their ability to perceive reality as it is, and to act for the enlightenment of all beings.

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