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A note states that no game, except kob, was seen here. The road from Katwe to Katunguru, thence to Kasenyi salt lake in the east of the Park, was cleared for half a mile on either side, as was also the road from Katunguru to Kikorongo (Fig. 9). Fig. 9. D. Hale-Carpenter's 1921 sketch map. z6 The Uganda Waterbuck These details of bush clearing have been related at some length, because I believe that the clearing may have had a profound and long-lasting effect upon the ecology of the area, by opening-up easily accessible lake-side grazing for the hippopotamus.

This, of course, was interrupted by my arrival. The apparent unconcern of many after darting convinced me that, properly executed, darting was not particularly distressing to the animals. Observations I succeeded in darting almost all of the Peninsula bucks, and two-thirds of the does; as well as animals in other areas. When this was complete it was necessary to let them settle down again before observation could begin. Observation was always from a Landrover, for so much more ground could be covered quickly than would have been possible on foot, and one started with the advantage of the animals' unconcern for the presence of vehicles.

After the rains, stone balls about the size of cricket balls, probably used for grinding grain (and not, as has been suggested, to make bolas), and stone handaxes, come to light on the surface. These are remnants of a Middle-Pleistocene, fire-using, stone-age culture, known as the Acheulean (Posnansky, 1965). A much later settlement, on the far side of Lake Edward, in Zaire, was covered with ash from the explosion of craters in the north of the Park, and the same pompeian fate probably befell the Mweya settlement.

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