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5 The strength of the Ecloga, in its encounter with a resuscitated Roman Law, lay in the fact that the Ecloga was a faithful reflection of the Orthodox Christian ethos partly because it had successfully caught Emperor Justinian's codification. The work had no sooner been accomplished than it was left high and dry by a catastrophe that swept away a complicated and sophisticated social life which was both the raison d'etre and the sine qua non of a refined legal apparatus. D. D. 1071 which heralded the ddbficle, not only of the East Roman Empire, but of the Orthodox Christian Civilization (see IV.

Iv. 323). + The historical problem raised by the still more massive solidity of 'the Old Kingdom' of Egypt is discussed on pp. 682-92, below. D. 193-284) had revealed the full measure of the soldiers' contempt for a POLITICAL IDEAS, IDEALS, INSTITUTIONS 21 ceremony performed on the 25th December, 800, at Rome had, however, a pertinent precedent in a ceremony performed at Soissons in or about November, 75 1, 1 when the Austrasian major-domo Pepin had been created King of the Franks in virtue of being crowned and anointed by Pope Zacharias* representative Saint Boniface, and this consecration of Pepin, which had been recelebrated by Pope Stephen II in person at Saint Denis on the 28th July, 2 754, was a Western Christian rite already customary by that time in Visigothia which was the revival of an Israelite institution commemorated in the Books of Samuel and Kings.

1268, on the morrow of the cold-blooded execution of the last ; of the Emperor Frederick II Hohenstaufen's heirs, it looked as if the perpetuation of this thirteenth-century triumph of a Western Papal commonwealth designed and built by Bolognese canonists had been assured by the now manifestly irretrievable overthrow of a Western oecumenical empire which the twelfth-century Bolognese civilians had vainly aspired to fortify by lending Justinianean flesh and blood to a Carolingian wraith. On the Papal side in a struggle between the Papal Church and the Hohenstaufen Dynasty which had lasted for a hundred years, not only the rank-and-file, but the leaders themselves, had been recruited from the Bolognese school of Canon Law and had owed their victories to the weapons which their education had placed in their hands and trained them to use.

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