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3 Ankaramites 9 Alkali - transitional basalts 9 Depleted tholeiites . Trachytes (lower figure only) , " ~ Field of Jurasslc-Cretaceous alkali stlls MORB Mid-ocean ridge basalts WPB Within-plate basalts lAB Island-arc basalts (b) After Pearce (1980) Ti 0 2 (wt %) // 10 / A A .. ... /. 0 I I La Ce I Nd I I i i Sm Eu Gd Tb i 1 I Tm Yb Lu Fig. 9. Rare-earth element plots for the Haybi Volcanics. / 10 I j l 100 1000 Zr (ppm) Fig. 10. Ti-Zr-Y and TiO2-Zr plots for the Haybi Volcanics. E v o l u t i o n o f the O m a n areas such as Iceland and 45~ on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (Tarney et al.

_-: Major outcrops ~ ! -~' )( i~Zi H l i : )B : i L~ o_ c: ~K~- . \ 5 Asjudi '~ ,~t~! ,-,. j. - Basalt types A Alkalic TTransitional Th Tholeiitic '-"',--" . v) . C.. ~ '-,. ,.. Stratigraphicsectionsand distributionof the HaybiVolcanicsin the northernOmanMountains. \1 1\-_ _ / 24 Chapter 2 porphyritic ankaramites with some interbedded trachyte lavas. In the middle of the sequence there is a small body of nephelinite, which may be a lava flow. In the Asjudi section there are some 60 m of trachytic lavas overlain by up to 100 m of ankaramitic basalts.

Chapter 2 34 FACIES A FACIES B FACIES C FACIES D calcilutite. T h e y are the result of distal turbidite and pelagic s e d i m e n t a t i o n , p r o b a b l y at abyssal depths, and were interp r e t e d by G l e n n i e et al. (1974) as the deposits forming on the floor of the H a w a s i n a O c e a n . / o ooo! 3 Late Mesozoic alkaline igneous activity T h e Triassic to m i d - C r e t a c e o u s s e d i m e n t s and Triassic H a y b i Volcanics of the u p p e r part of the H a w a s i n a A s s e m b l a g e and the H a y b i complex contain a variety of intrusive igneous rocks that were a p p a r e n t l y e m p l a c e d in the Jurassic and C r e t a c e o u s , during passive c o n t i n e n t a l margin s e d i m e n t a t i o n .

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