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Entre el perdon y el paredon: preguntas y dilemas de la justicia transicional

L. a. justicia transicional, o el tipo de arreglos judiciales y extrajudiciales que facilitan l. a. transición de una situación de conflicto a una de paz, o de un gobierno autoritario a los angeles democracia, es uno de los temas primordiales de l. a. construcción de paz. Este libro, fruto de los angeles colaboración entre el Programa de Investigación sobre Construcción de Paz del Departamento de Ciencia Política de los angeles Facultad de Ciencias Sociales de los angeles Universidad de los Andes y el overseas improvement learn Centre, IDRC, de Canadá; presenta un marco conceptual y normativo internacional y nacional, descripciones y discusiones de arreglos institucionales logrados en diferentes países del mundo, así como estudios detallados de los retos y dilemas pendientes de los angeles justicia transicional.

Teaching and Learning English Literature (Teaching and Learning the Humanities Series)

Educating and studying English Literature provides a complete assessment of educating English Literature from atmosphere educating targets and syllabus making plans, via to various pupil evaluation ideas and strategies in fact assessment and development. a number of educating tools are explored, from the normal lecture room, to more moderen collaborative paintings and makes use of of digital applied sciences.

El hombre en la actualidad

Gredos. Madrid. 1958. 20 cm. 189 pág. Encuadernación en tapa blanda de editorial. Colección 'Biblioteca Hispánica de Filosofía', v. sixteen. Versión de José Pérez Riesco. Traducción de: Der Mensch in der Gegenwart. Racionalismo . . Este libro es de segunda mano y tiene o puede tener marcas y señales de su anterior propietario.


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Once the concert ended, we took the subway to Coney Island. The trip lasted more than 40 minutes! " I asked Elaine as we got off the subway train on an elevated platform. In this part of Brooklyn, the subway ran above the ground. "Yes, we are," she answered. " I responded. "It's easy to forget that the city is more than just Manhattan. Remember, there are four other boroughs in the city. Look over there," Elaine said, pointing behind us. The Empire State Building could be seen far away on the horizon.

By the time the concert started, most of the group from our Thanksgiving dinner had joined us, bringing more food and wine. The concert was excellent. I had never heard an orchestra as good as the New York Philharmonic. Once the sky was completely dark, I looked around and saw a very special sight. Everyone in the field as far as I could see had lit candles and was eating silently while listening to the music. " I whispered to Elaine. " "Of course they are," she whispered back, looking a little confused.

It was hard to imagine that as we walked toward the amusement park area next to the beach. The area now looked like a city neighbourhood with lots of large apartment buildings. "In the late 1870s, some of the most elegant hotels in the country were here," Elaine continued. "There was one hotel called the Sea Beach Palace that had a capacity of 10,000 guests and could serve 15,000 people in their restaurant. The very rich stopped coming to Coney Island as it became easier for people with less money to come.

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