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By Robin van Lõben Sels

How can technological know-how and faith co-exist within the sleek self-discipline of psychotherapy? A Dream on the earth explores the interfaces among spiritual adventure and dream research. on the center of this publication is a variety of desires offered through the author's sufferer in the course of research, that are in comparison with the goals of Hadewijch, a 13th century lady mystic. The patient's goals led the fashionable girl to an unanticipated leap forward come across with the divine, her "experience of soul". The event reoriented and energized her lifestyles, and have become her "dream-in-the-world". Following Jung's concept that the psyche has a spiritual intuition, Robin van Loben Sels demonstrates that the therapeutic strategy attainable via psychotherapy can come from past the psyche and will now not be defined by way of our ordinary theories of medical psychology.Written in flowing, easily-read language A Dream on the planet information a classical Jungian research of a woman's goals, and searches the connection among spiritual stumble upon, psyche and soul.

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This happened over and over for Mairi in her psychotherapy sessions, telling and retelling her central experience. In this way her revelatory experience proceeded out of her body and into the world of discourse and communication. Yunus Emre (1989:20) a thirteenth-century Bektashi Sufi poet, expresses his understanding of how revelatory experience came into his world: We entered the house of realization, we witnessed the body. The whirling skies, the many-layered earth, the seventy-thousand veils, we found in the body.

If we are dissociated, or repressed, or unconscious in one or more areas of our personality, or even immature, we may not have all the sensations, emotions, feelings and thoughts appropriate to our state of being. The simple thought, “I exist,” is not the same as awareness of my own existence, which involves a dimension of meaning not to be found in purely intellectual life. Babies undergo a range of conscious states, but it is doubtful that they are reflectively self-conscious. We assume babies have no notion of self at all, at least early on.

He calls this area a “reality plane” in which the experience of homo mysticus or “mystical man” apprehends the Unus Mundus or One World (1948). “Mystical man,” says Neumann, goes through a transformation of psycho-biological intensity—a “shaking of the foundations” in which thought, emotion, body, and psyche join. ” Neumann’s description of “one world” awareness is explored in Eastern traditions as Buddha-like mindfulness or awareness of “mutual arising” (Tao Te Ching). “That the universe would not exist without consciousness, nor consciousness without the universe: that is the principle of ‘mutual arising’” (Watts 1975:43).

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