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Antisweat. It is very doubtful that the horrid word "sweat" has ever appeared in any of the ads that promise relief from it. See also PERSPIRE. anti-Semitic. Anti-Jewish. : "One third of Mr. Begin's prepared text was devoted to what he termed anti-Semitic remarks in the Egyptian press, although Arabs, too, are Semites" (New York Times, 1/24/78). "Anti-Semitic" is preferred to "anti-Jewish" because "Jew" is a loaded word. See also ARAB and HEBREW. apprehend. To arrest, to nab, police-ese. appropriate.

The sudden and mysterious appearance of DONKEY upon the lexicographical scene in the eighteenth century is another indication that the four-legged "ass" was being avoided by then because it sounded exactly like the r-less two-legged word. (N. B. : All this also goes to show how long it can take for some words to be recorded in even the greatest of dictionaries, since the-O£D's oldest example of "ass" in the sense of "arse" comes only from 1860. Moreover, indirect evidence suggests that "ass" may be far older, perhaps dating back to Elizabethan times, if Joseph T.

See also HIGH, REFRESHMENT, and SALOON. B-girl. " Or it could even stand for all three combined, since B-girls are prostitutes or floozies who congregate in bars, where they often receive commissions on the drinks they persuade customers to buy. , 1941). See also PROSTITUTE and the Bgirl's cousin, the V-girl, OR VICTORY GIRL. bilateral orchidectomy. " It was because of this "sexy" etymology that the eminent Victorian critic and writer John Ruskin (1819-1900), campaigned to have the plant's name changed to "Wreathewort.

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