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Logic Programming: 19th International Conference, ICLP 2003, Mumbai, India, December 9-13, 2003. Proceedings

This publication constitutes the refereed complaints of the nineteenth foreign convention on common sense Programming, ICLP 2003, held in Mumbai, India in December 2003. The 23 revised complete papers and 19 poster papers offered including five invited complete contributions and abstracts of four invited contributions have been rigorously reviewed and chosen from eighty one submissions.

Information Security Applications: 4th International Workshop, WISA 2003 Jeju Island, Korea, August 25-27, 2003 Revised Papers

The4thWorkshoponInformationSecurityApplications(WISA2003)wassp- sored via the subsequent Korean agencies and govt our bodies: the Korea Institute of knowledge safeguard and Cryptology (KIISC), the Electronics and TelecommunicationsResearchInstitute(ETRI),andtheMinistryofInformation and communique (MIC).

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