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FOR extra This booklet, exposes the beautiful fact approximately the US and its reference to 666, which the reader will study, represents not anything greater than cash. the yank Dream of prosperity is unmasked because the nice engine designed to serve the elite and satisfy their egocentric wishes. not just does the e-book supply an easy rationalization of each bankruptcy and verse of Revelation, however it additionally discloses the reality approximately the US, human nature, and the truth of the area within which we are living. really good but easy reasons go away the reader no doubt as to how and why the yankee empire is destroying our surroundings and peace at an alarming price. observe the capability wherein strong organisations, banks, and governments develop the worldwide empire by means of “determining the price of goods and human lifestyles” whereas they “acquire riches…leaving the bulk impoverished, unequal and unhappy.” most significantly, an answer of ways we will be able to swap the area is given in plainness.

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These systems of law generally do more to protect the image of the established measure, than they do to protect the citizens’ individual rights to become who and what they desire to become by use of their own free choice. When this is the precedent and purpose of law, and these laws are enforced by the threat of loss of life or liberty, the natural human is in a constant state of rebellion. This is because it is predisposed to set itself apart from others as an individual. When this standard is forced upon them, humans are thrown out of balance—experiencing unhappiness because they do not feel their self-worth is validated by those attempting to force them to be someone or something they are not.

Thus, have they been convinced and deceived. The very essence of their innate human nature disallows the possibility that they can be controlled. They are convinced that it is possible that one day they, too, might own a business and have others work for them, forgetting their immediate state of enslavement by the illusory daydream of financial freedom and wealth. Day after day, their minds are gratified and lulled into a tempered calm as they toil in the fields, cubicles, or other employment they do not enjoy but have chosen by force.

Humans desire to be acknowledged and valued for who they are and what they do. The mark that is left by a human in pursuit of its individuality and self-worth is the name by which one person will be distinguished from 26 666 The Mark of America, Seat of the Beast all others in mortality, and remembered after death. The vast extent and importance of the mark is substantiated by the works of the hands and the thoughts in the forehead of each individual. All have received this mark, and are enticed to pursue a standard of excellence set by the illusion of human achievement.

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