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You can also Assign Hot-Keys to any of the ten Banks on the External Drive. Bank Select and all other operations and features) work the same as they do on the Internal Drive. Unlike the Internal Drive, the Zip Drive will “spin down” after some period of inactivity to prolong drive and disk life. When this happens, a Play command will be delayed until the drive spins back up. The drive can be forced to spin up in preparation for playback by pressing and holding Stop until the drive access light comes on; instant playback will be available again in about 3 seconds.

Backup and Restore support the AES/EBU interface only. The device used to store the data must not alter the data in any way, such as through signal processing (high-pass filtering or data compression, for example) or sample rate conversion. Although this discussion assumes the use of a DAT recorder, any AES/EBU compliant device that meets the above criteria can be used. Instant Replay data has been successfully saved on to digital multitracks and 360 Systems DigiCart/II using the 48K Linear format.

Unlike other networking schemes, there is no extra cost for networking cards or hardware, no special software, and it is compatible with other products such as routers and distribution systems that use the AES/EBU digital audio interface standard. It can also use the coaxial connection (AES/SMPTE 75Ω) which is compatible with 75Ω video equipment. Features • Transfer individual audio Cuts, or the contents of entire drives, from one Instant Replay to another. • Transfer to and from DigiCart/II hard disk recorders.

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