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By Melvin D. Saunders

This twenty first Century path handbook has a stunning accumulation of 223 brain routines designed to permit an individual to take advantage of their whole mind. The workouts contain balancing your feelings, expanding your reminiscence, bettering your creativity, improving your senses and lots more and plenty, even more.

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In all cases, positive affirmations can help to bring about positive changes in your life. Also smile a lot, it's hard to be negative with a smile on your face. 1) I am now becoming more productive and efficient in everything that I do. 2) I have great purpose, and I am now exercising the unlimited possibilities available to me in the world. 3) I am freeing myself now of fear, worry and anxiety, and I am at peace with myself. 4) I greatly believe in myself and my abilities, and I am now progressing steadily.

Some basic mantras are: ram, lam, ham, yam, aum or oom. After choosing a mantra sound (or other word sound you prefer) that intuitively feels right for you, resonate your mantra with utmost concentration in rapid repetitions for as long as one breath will allow. The resulting sound vibration sets up wave patterns throughout your cellular tissues that stimulate and harmonize your whole body. You can also reiterate your mantra mentally in the same repetitive way during each exhalation. This is good during potentially stressful moments throughout the day.

Your human will power can break any habit pattern, but you have to practice breaking habitual behavior to get good at it. Have you ever observed your friends and relatives year after year doing the same things over and over and getting the same unfavorable results and complaining about the same unfavorable things happening in their lives? Being outside their lives, it’s easier for you to see how they keep themselves where they are, but they can never see it?! Sometimes they even show an unmindful pride in keeping themselves a certain way, by saying, “I always do such and such when such and such happens.

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